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We aim to create an educational setting that prepares young people to be engaged, free thinking and socially responsible citizens.Our educational philosophy entails learning with out fear by holistic engagement in all academic areas , where teaching is more exploratory than explanatory. Our curriculum follows an esteemed Indian CBSE system. Students from any and all cultural backgrounds are backgrounds are welcome as we indent to cultivate an inately multicultural environment.

Intellectual Development

Greenwood makes the children to learn through the other areas of development.

Physical development : – through the senses by touching, tasting, listening and playing.

Emotionally and socially :- through playing with other children and being with people.

Intellectual development :- to learn the important tools i.e. language and communication skills.



    SUNDAY to WEDNESDAY:       7.45 AM to 2.15 PMv
                                                        2.15 PM to 3.15 PM (LUNCH BREAK)
                                                       3.15 PM to 6.00 PM

    THURSDAY:                                7.45 AM to 2.15 PM

    SATURDAY:                                9.00 AM to 2.15 PM
                                                        2.15 PM to 3.15 PM (LUNCH BREAK)
                                                        3.15 PM to 6.00 PM


    KG 1v & 2:                                 7.30 AM to 11.30 AM
    GRADE 1 to 5:                           7.30 AM to 2.00 PMv

Parent who are dropping their ward must drop by the below specified timings.

    KG 1 to GRADE 5:                   7.00 AM to 7.20 AMv

Note: School gates will be closed after 7.20 AM, Parent are hereby requested to drop their ward on or before 7.20 AM.

Parent who are picking their ward must pick by the below specified timings.

    KG 1v & 2:                               11.45 AM to 12.00 PM
    GRADE 1 to 5:                         2.05 PM to 2.20 PMv


Parent can meet the respective class teachers on Alternate Saturday’s (2nd & 4th) during the below mentioned timings.

    KG 1 to GRADE 5:                 09.00 AM to 12.00 PM


  •  Ensure that children are provided with prescribed books and student diary.
  •  Students must do the work which is assigned by the teacher.
  •  Students must attend all the examinations.
  •  Students must have the attendance percentage (80%) as decided by the supreme council.
  •  Respond to the reports and information sent to them from the school.
  •  Note that no leave will be granted during examinations except on medical grounds.
  •  Note that if a student stays away from school without proper leave application or without prior information to school for more than 15 days continuously, will lead to the student's suspension from the school.
  •  Note that students suffering from infectious or contagious diseases like chicken pox, measles, mumps, conjunctivitis etc. should not be sent to the school.


  •  No junk food is allowed to the school.
  •  Chocolates are not allowed to the school except for birthdays.


  •  Those who cause any damage to school property will be fined as per the discretion of the school authorities.
  •  Students are forbidden from bringing electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, I pads, tablets, valuable toys and ornaments, video/audio CDs /DVDs, film magazines, posters etc. to school.
  •  Students who involve themselves in any misbehaviour or misconduct will be served warning letter for doing so with due information to the parents.
  •  Recurrence of the misbehavior or misconduct will lead to the student's immediate suspension from the school.


  •  Pre appointment must be taken to meet Principal, Vice principal and Teacher.
  •  Parents can meet Principal or Vice Principal during school hours and also between 5 pm to 7 pm and can meet school teachers only during school hours.
  •  Feel free to contact school office for any queries or clarifications.
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