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Greenwood international School came into being as an initial venture of providing cbse education with an affordable and caring institutions in a different name. it a personal service oriented to expat society dedicated to the educational and social uplifting of the expatriates in Qatar. Some of our facilities in our growing school,



Labs Cafeteria with thoughtful meals planned by our chef Tito.

  •  Sufficient space per child, usually guided by standards set by a country's Ministry of Education
  •  Sufficient space for 25-30 children per classroom, to permit efficient use of teachers
  •  Well assisted nurse room for first aid.
  •  Construction methods that ensure the safety of children in school, suited to natural hazards of the region
  •  Adequate separate sanitary facilities for boys and girls.
  •  Library with wide range of collective books.
  •  Students can learn by experimenting in laboratories (science, arts and computer labs).
  •  Children can have refreshment in school's cafeteria during break.
  •  Facilitated multi-purpose hall.
  •  Children will be monitored by the CC surveillance in the campus.
  •  Adequate space for the children to play.
  •  Students will learn art and craft in activity room.


Children should come in full uniform:


Boys: School Shirt and short trousers, ID card, tie, black belt with plain buckle, black socks and black shoes.

Girls: School frock, ID card, tie, black shoes and black socks,

Grade 1 to 5

Boys: School shirt, pant, ID card, tie, black belt with plain buckle, black socks and black shoes.

Girls: School shirt, tie, skirt, ID card, black shoes and black socks.

Note: Winter Jackets should match the school uniform.

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