Learning Methods

In Greenwood International school & Kindergarten, our professionals identify the child’s learning needs and appropriate differentiation for an individual gifted child by establishing an understanding of a student’s intellectual abilities, The current level of knowledge the student has mastered, the social-emotional needs of the student, and his or her special interests and skills. The completed Differentiated Education plan is provided to the School and applied by the student’s teachers.

  • A student with learning difficulties is monitored regularly. Teachers provide an extra set of differentiated worksheets to improve their writing and reading skills.
  • Meritorious students are also considered and teachers display “ Student of the month” in their respective classroom and regular motivation and appraise is given to such students such that they are consistent with their results

A gifted or twice-exceptional child needs a compacted curriculum, eliminating unnecessary instruction for that material him/she already knows. This frees up time for an alternative – or differentiated – assignments, planned to build upon the child’s strengths and interests. Often, differentiated educational plans incorporate enrichment in the form of alternative content, processes, and products as well as working with a cluster of gifted students with similar interests and abilities. Both project-based learning and problem-based learning can be used to appropriately enrich and challenge these students. Advanced materials, either print or media, are chosen to meet the child’s reading ability and learning level.

We also provide support to children to learn faster & better through

  • Activity-based learning methods
  • Learning by Doing
  • Model making
  • Hands-on experience  method
  • Smartboards for audiovisual experiences
  • Individual attention for slow achievers
  • Parent & Pupil counseling Special language teachers to assist students for whom the language of instruction is a second language

Students with disabilities: The School does not provide admission for students with any sort of disability.

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