School Administration

The administrative staff at Greenwood International School & Kindergarten is the following

  • Operations Manager (Head Administrations)
  • Accounts Manager (Finances & Resource)
  • Transport manager
  • Public Relations Officer

They jointly do the role of administering all the activities & responsibilities rendered to them by the management such as

  • Teachers and staff recruitment & maintenance of records.
  • Student record maintenance & registrations.
  • Fee collection & all financial responsibilities
  • Dealing with all public & government responsibilities


Proposed student : Teacher ratio

Student teacher ratio = 30: 1

Proposed Average class size

One class room = 25 students + one teacher + one teacher assistant

Proposed international accreditation

We In Greenwood International School & Kindergarten are following Indian CBSE syllabus and will be applying for accreditation within 3 years (2021) of the starting year of school (2018).

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