School Governance

PRINCIPAL of the School is the administrative and operational leader of the School. He / She also holds the title of President of our organization. He / She ensures that the most current and effective programs and curricula are in place to maximize each student’s learning experience. He / She is also responsible for the fiscal status of the School, and He / She oversees the hiring and management of School staff. He / She is also responsible for an effective day to day operational environment at Greenwood International School & Kindergarten.

Lead and Subjects teachers are in place to support and nurture our students. They are responsible for providing a safe learning environment for each student and making sure that our academic programs support the School’s mission and vision. They are also responsible for regular communication with parents as well as scheduling and curriculum development

In this model, Greenwood International school & Kindergarten’s governance is continually focused on our students.


Our School structure is an irregular pyramid of responsibility that emits alluring scents of differential salaries, timetables, status, responsibility, pressure, and – accountability. It’s the pyramid that many of us intend to climb or rise up, a greasy-pole to be overcome or a promotion ladder to be stepped up. The language is all about the ascent, getting to the top, being above where you were, and defying gravity. It’s imagery that necessitates strength, robustness, and a rising of the cans from the cants.

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