School Discipline

Greenwood International School & Kindergarten School emphasizes more on student discipline. Students are trained at an early age to learn the do’s and don’ts so that they grow towards a well-disciplined future. School discipline is a required set of actions by a teacher towards a student (or groups of students) after the student’s behavior disrupts the ongoing educational activity or breaks a pre-established rule created by the School system.

We follow specific rules and regulations in School which is printed and handed over to the students and parents to follow. Every student is taught how to follow instructions, how to be a good student & how to be a good individual through various moral stories. Everyday assembly helps the child to learn more about discipline while he walks in line, standing in attention, etc. They learn more discipline while playing games with certain rules and regulations. They are also exposed to yoga & music which helps them a lot in keeping their mind focused.

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