Student Transport

Greenwood International School & Kindergarten’s goal is to provide safe, efficient, and reliable transportation services for our students and staff. A special trained personal (Transport Manager) is responsible for all the duties related to transportation in School.

  • Good condition, clean & air-conditioned bus/vans are provided by the School management for safe transportation of the students.
  • Every School van is provided with safety materials like first aid box and fire extinguishers
  • Trained & experienced drivers with Qatar License are recruited to take home the students and staff safe home
  • The School can only provide one space per child. We cannot provide spaces on two different bus routes for the same child. Within existing routes, where feasible and safe, a student can access a different location for pickup and drop-off within the same route provided it is for five (5) consecutive days upon approval of School management
  • School bus drivers can only pick up and drop-off riders at an authorized regular daily stop for a home, caregiver, or School address. Drivers cannot make changes to stops without authorization from management
  • Parents have to ensure that they meet their child on the same side of the street where he/she exits the School bus
  • Objects that may interfere with student or vehicle safety cannot be permitted on the School bus.
  • Drivers and attenders of the School bus/van are provided adequate training for accident care & first aid techniques
  • Drivers and attenders are not allowed to use any type of drugs/alcohol/cigarettes etc during School hours.
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