School Staffing

The School has one Principal. He / She is responsible for the following.

  • Whole-School assessment
  • Co-ordination of public events
  • Child protection
  • Leadership and development of primary curriculum
  • Supporting staff development, leading training, and modeling high-quality teaching
  • Developing timetabling and to support the efficient day to day running of the School
  • Tracking pupil attainment and supporting teachers to use data to raise attainment
  • Supporting the wider community and liaising with training institutions to support placements and teacher training

Below the principal, we have the School developmental staff. They have the role of taking responsibilities such as

  • Student affairs
  • Staff affairs
  • Finance
  • Publications
  • School celebrations & events
  • School closing and opening
  • School Information & technology
  • Admissions
  • Administration

Student development staff

  • Careers
  • Student guidance and discipline
  • Special education needs
  • Crisis management
  • Curriculum development
  • Subject choice
  • Time table
  • Islamic education
  • Scholarship & awards
  • Moral education
  • Art & craft
  • Community outreach

Staff Developmental staff

  • Staff professional learning
  • New teachers induction program
  • Staff appraisal
  • Recruitment of staff
  • Staff welfare
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